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CIP/SIP Piping Engineering System / ECMC (E CHUNG) esteems self to be a global specialist in pharmaceutical equipment factory as the goal to create more advanced pharmaceutical facilities.

CIP/SIP System - CIP/SIP Piping Engineering System
  • CIP/SIP System - CIP/SIP Piping Engineering System

CIP/SIP System

Clean-In-Place (CIP/SIP) and is a procedure to proceed on lines and tanks and equipment being cleaned with disinfection without any disassembly. We will specify, design and fabricate CIP/SIP systems tailored to your needs, whether it will be manual or fully automated. Single tank or multi-tank CIP/SIP Systems are available including the temperature control and detergent injection capabilities, and can be built for efficient reuse of water, chemicals and energy.

CIP/SIP cleaning device can be used as the indissoluble production equipment and can also be used in the cleaning system with manual operation and automatic operation. The device is nearly used in such plants as food, drinks and pharmacy, etc. CIP/SIP device can not only clean the machine, but can also control the cleaning methods of microorganism.

  • CIP/SIP cleaning device has the following advantages:
  • Can make the production plan reasonable and improve the production capacity.
  • Compared with the hand cleaning, CIP does not affect the cleaning effect due to different operators, but can also improve the product quality.
  • Can avoid the danger in the cleaning operation and save the labor force.
  • Can save the cost of cleaning agent, steam, water and production.
  • Can increase the service life of machine components.
  • CIP cleaning devices include such three types as manual operation, semi-automatic and automatic for the selection by the users.
  • Mixing tank. (CIP/SIP).
  • Sterile injection.
  • Oral liquid.
  • Eye drops.
  • Big infusion.
  • Homogeneous mixing tank.
  • CAPACITY:8,000 ~ 10,000 PCS/BATCH
  • Internal with SS316.
  • External use SS304 stainless steel.
  • Piping contact with water using SS316L sanitary type.
  • Ultrasonic machine (option).

Special thanks to the following Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology factories for purchasing our equipment to build biotech pharmaceutical factory that meets PIC/S GMP international standards.

  • Huata Chemical & Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
  • Standard Chem & Pharm Co., Ltd.
  • Purzer Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
  • Adimmune Corporation
  • Y F Chemical Corporation
  • Sinphar Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
  • Genovate Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
  • Astar Chemical Company
  • China Chemical & Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (First Factory at Tainan)
  • Wu Fu Laboratories Co., Ltd.
  • Amaran Biotechnology, Inc.
  • Panion & BF Biotech Inc.
  • Oasis Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.
  • Phytohealth Corporation
  • Food and Drug Administration, MOHW
  • Chunghwa Chemical Synthesis & Biotech Co., Ltd.

CIP/SIP System - CIP/SIP Piping Engineering System | Taiwan-Based Pharmaceutical & Biotech Manufacturing Equipment Manufacturer | E CHUNG MACHINERY CO.

Located in Taiwan since 1975, ECMC (E CHUNG MACHINERY CO.) has been a pharmaceutical and biotech processing equipment manufacturer. Main products, including CIP/SIP System, autoclaves, WFI, water systems, pure steam generators, superheat water sterilizers, vial washing machines, tunnel sterilizers, and, in particular, hot air and steam sterilizers.

ECMC (E CHUNG) company is a professionl experienced manufacturer in the pharmaceutical sterilization industry more than 48 years so that our customers located worldwide. Sterilization machines are manufactured in line with current international standards (EU standards, US standards, GMP and GAMP, etc.).

ECMC (E CHUNG) has been providing customers high-quality cGMP pharmaceutical and biotech processing equipment, both with advanced technology and 48 years of experience, ECMC (E CHUNG) ensures each customer's demands are met.